Overcome your anxiety and money worries so you can finally have peace

With tools that are faster than therapy and deeper than coaching

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Your life might be really great… on paper. But deep down you know feeling anxious and worried about money all the time doesn’t feel good.

And you can’t figure out what you need to do to finally feel peaceful.

You’ve tried counseling, coaching, meditation. 
You’ve done what you’re told to do, and nothing is working the way you want. 

Does this sound like you?

Here’s a proven plan to snap you out of it.

First, stop trying to outrun how you feel.

When my clients first start with me, they’re so busy trying to hide their anxiety and money worries that it actually makes them more anxious.

It’s a vicious cycle and the most effective way to address it is to provide a safe space for them to feel and then overcome it, at the subconscious level. We do this the very first time we work together so they don’t bring those obstacles into our working relationship – and this is one of the reasons my clients get amazing results. 

Admit where you’re starting from.

Now that thinking about your life doesn’t make you as anxious, it’s easy to figure out what the root causes of your anxiety and money worries are. 

Having this focus enables us to specifically target the thoughts and experiences that are perpetuating the unease you feel, and remove them from your subconscious. We’re not erasing your memory, but we are getting rid of the negative emotional charge you’ve attached to your memories.  


Conquer your limitations at the subconscious level – this is critical.

This isn’t just reframing and pretending you’re the person who’s already created the life you want. You’ll actually become that person by neutralizing all those subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that keep you stuck. We do this every time we work together – it’s like peeling an onion. Over time, we get to the middle of it. 

Learn to feel amazing, no matter your circumstances. 

This step helps you learn to focus on what you want, instead of being focused on outrunning what you don’t want. This is the embodiment of the law of attraction – what you focus on expands. 

Take action. 

By now, you’ll have the tools to move forward as if your anxiety and money worries never existed. What might have kept you paralyzed before might feel about as heavy as going to the grocery store. 

Then, Celebrate! 

Hi, I'm Cati Winkel.

I’m a Mindset Fixer. I’m obsessed with the subconscious, and how it works. Or rather, how it works against us.  

You know when you watch remodeling shows and the home buyer has no idea how to transform a home into something beautiful until they bring in the remodeler? 

That’s what I help my clients do for mindset. We tear down all the old walls and electrical systems that are keeping them anxious and stuck in their confidence, relationships, money, and fulfillment and put in place the floorplan and systems that make their mind work the way they want it to. 

The end result is an upgraded mind that knows the whole system works together and feels just as good on the inside as it appears on the outside.  

How we work together

 1-Hour Consult

During this free consult, I'm figuring out if I can help you. 

I expect you to be open about where you're stuck and how dedicated you are to getting out of your own way.


Choose your Program

If it feels good to work together, we'll discuss which of my programs makes the most sense for you to start with. I won't ever sell you more than you need.

This is very exciting! Since no two people are the same, it just doesn't make sense that you'd fit in a cookie cutter program.

Start Your
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All you have to do is trust the process and you'll start experiencing your life very differently almost right away. 

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What you do is the fastest, easiest way to change the subconscious.                                                                      -Diana 

This is the best investment I’ve ever made.                                         -Halima

Cati is gentle and kind in her approach yet she held me accountable and allowed me to own my truth and power. What was waiting on the other side is FREEDOM unlike anything I could have imagined.                                  -Kristal

The best part about you is that you don’t have an agenda. You let me figure out what’s best for me on my own and it’s amazing.               -Adri

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