What if solving your problems isn't about what you do?



What if it’s about what you think?

In my experience, issues such as anxiety, migraines, dealing with
your kid’s challenging behavior, or how stressed you are,
can change by shifting the beliefs that are causing the issues to begin with.
(psssst… if you don’t see your challenge listed here, keep reading!)

The issue isn’t necessarily the problem.

The majority of the time, it’s a symptom of beliefs you live by
that influence your mind and body to create these challenges.

When something is wrong, your mind and body want to get your attention,
so they create something for you to pay attention to.
It’s like they’re the batteries in the smoke detector that chirp
at you when they need to be replaced.

As a society, we’re so conditioned to treat the symptoms of our problems, that we’re not getting a birds’ eye view of what the problem really is.

Instead, we notice something’s wrong when the house is on fire.
But what if we would have just changed the batteries when we had a chance?

It’s been studied and proven in ancient medicine, and is becoming more common in modern medicine, that the body stores emotions and beliefs.

Those emotions and beliefs heavily influence each other and
work together in your subconscious to create your reality.

If your beliefs don’t support you, it’s like a freight train dragging you
away from your goals. But if your beliefs do support you,
that freight train pushes you towards your goals faster than you can imagine.


Cati is so amazing! She has helped me overcome chronic migraines, limiting beliefs around my money story and relationship with money, and subconscious beliefs holding me back from allowing more love in my marriage. We’re also working though sleep issues with my son, it’s been profound work and I’m so grateful!! Sarrah

We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts every day.
It’s estimated that 80% of those thoughts are negative.
95% of those thoughts are repetitive. 

What are you telling yourself?

What if…

Your thoughts push you towards your goals, instead of holding you back?

You overcame the problems you suffer with every day,
instead of letting them define you?

Your challenges are no longer challenging?

Can you imagine if your thoughts actually help you
create the life you deserve?

Hi, I'm Cati Winkel.

Together, we rewire your subconscious mind so you can change the way you experience your challenges by using Balances.  (Oh, and I’m told I’m a human BS detector! I’m really good at helping you figure out when you’re lying to yourself so you can become your best version of you.)


You’ll notice a difference after a single


My clients don’t only feel a difference in themselves during our session, but the effects continue to build momentum over time. It’s not unusual for me to hear from a client a day or two after their session about something new for them that hasn’t happened prior to seeing me.

I know it sounds far fetched. But what if it wasn’t?

Here’s a partial list of reasons why people work with me:




Behavioral issues


Control issues


Emotional stability



Feeling Stuck


Implementing systems/processes



Money worries


Negative birth experiences

Organizational skills




Poor sleep


Relationship challenges
(home & work)

Self Love

Self Worth



Unfinished business

Cati and I have worked on issues around my physical health. I have autoimmune disease and I am fighting it a lot less now. I am accepting my body for that state that it’s currently in and learning to work with my body instead of against it.

When Cati and I are together I really feel heard and that she cares about the conversation we’re having. She’s great at what you she does and you can tell she puts her heart into the work.

Are you ready to find out if there’s a solution to solving your problems?

How to Get Started

Schedule your Complimentary Q&A call today. It’s that easy!

We’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing, and how we can Balance for the beliefs
that are continuing to support those challenges.

I was looking for overall transformation for the beliefs and stories I was telling myself that kept me from being my true self. Cati has helped shift all of the things that have held me hostage most of my life. Fear of lack, loss and owning my own power. Others’ thoughts, perceptions and words no longer have merit to the truth that is in me.

Cati is gentle and kind in her approach yet she held me accountable and allowed me to own my truth and power. What was waiting on the other side is FREEDOM unlike anything I could have imagined.


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