I help you get out of your own way so you can accomplish more in business and life

Using tools that are faster than therapy and deeper than coaching

Schedule your 15-minute Q&A to see what we can do to help you on your way to happy! If I can’t help you, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Your life might be really great… on paper. But you want more.

And you can’t figure out why you can’t get to the next level.

You’ve tried everything to fix it. So far, nothing is working. 

Does this sound like you?

Here’s a proven plan to take you to the next level.

Get super clear on what you really want, and why. 

In my experience, most people do things because they think they should, or it would be fun. That’s not good enough.

Identify your biggest limitations to reaching that goal. 

Now that you know what you really want, you’re going to know exactly why you can’t have it.

Decide what you want instead. 

This step gets you focused on your goals instead of your obstacles.


Conquer the limitation at the subconscious level – this is critical.

This isn’t just reframing and pretending you’re the person who’s already achieved the goal. You’ll actually become that person. Every time we work together.

Take action. 

In Step 4, you’ll already have become that person who does what they need to get what they want. You’ll have the tools to move forward as if your limitations never existed.

Then, Celebrate! 

Hi, I'm Cati Winkel.

I’m a Mindset Hacker. I’m obsessed with the subconscious, and how it works. Or rather, how it works against us. 

Most personal growth involves trying harder and becoming “mindful.” And that’s all fine. But I have super high standards, and I can be a little impatient when it comes to making lives better – my own included! 

I spent years studying the subconscious and how to change it and haven’t looked back. 



You’ll notice a difference after
a single session.

But we don’t stop there. Your subconsious has lots of reasons to keep you stuck.

When we work together, we get more of your subconscious working for you than against you so you can feel exactly how you want. And it happens faster than you think. 

How we work together

15-minute Q&A

I'm a big fan of efficiency!  During this call, we'll see if it's a good use of our time to get to Step 2, the Consult.

If I can't help you, I'll try to point you in the right direction.


 1-Hour Consult

During this free consult, I'm figuring out if I can help you. 

I expect you to be open about where you're stuck and how dedicated you are to getting out of your own way.


Custom Program Design

If I decide to take you on as a client, I'll design a custom program based on your needs.

This is very exciting! 

Start Your
Custom Program

All you have to do is trust the process and you'll start experiencing your life very differently almost right away. 

I can't wait for you to get started! 


What you do is the fastest, easiest way to change the subconscious.                                                                      -Diana 

This is the best investment I’ve ever made.                                         -Halima

Cati is gentle and kind in her approach yet she held me accountable and allowed me to own my truth and power. What was waiting on the other side is FREEDOM unlike anything I could have imagined.                                  -Kristal

The best part about you is that you don’t have an agenda. You let me figure out what’s best for me on my own and it’s amazing.               -Adri

Ready to get started?

Schedule your Free 15-minute Q&A call today.

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