I'll bet you want to know if this is legit.

I mean, can anything be that easy? Can you really just identify a limiting belief and then “Balance” it and that’s it?! Really?! 

Yes. That’s it. 

Let’s go ahead and bust some myths!

Myth: Healing has to be painful and difficult. 

I thought it had to be this way, too. Between participating in my own self development, and becoming a certified parent coach, I thought that the only way to get to the root of my problems was to dig myself deep into a hole of feelings and raw emotions and that it would be painful and difficult. Only then would I be able to identify the truth about myself, before I could dig myself back out of that hole.

This just isn’t true.

Sometimes we do find ourselves in that hole, but the intention is to create what you want. And you don’t always have to go into a dark place to create what you want. 


Myth: You feel like you’ve done all the right things but nothing works.

You’ve tried so many different methods and approaches to healing that you could write your own book (on what doesn’t work!). You’ve done so much that you don’t think anything worthwhile is easy.

I get you. The problem with most other healing modalities is that they’re either slow and we’re too impatient to really stick with it, or you’re only treating the symptom, rather than the root cause of your pain. When we work together, you get to start with what you want instead. Starting from that expansive place creates an opportunity for you to identify what’s not currently working and then we shift it at the subconscious level. 


Myth: It works better when someone else is in charge of your healing.

Sometimes this is true. We need doctors for things like broken arms, infections, injuries from car accidents and other things that need fixing. But more often than not, since you know yourself better than any doctor ever could, you already have everything you need to improve your life. You just need help to access those tools. This is why the work we do together is so powerful. I don’t do anything to you. I ask (great) questions about what you want, and provide instructions so YOU can Balance it and then go create it. How awesome is that?! 


Myth: If you just try harder, things will get better.

I wish trying harder was the answer.

We try harder because that’s what we think we have to do consciously. The conscious mind is all about trying new things. Conventional wisdom tells us that if the conscious mind gets on board, then the subconscious will follow.

The truth is, the subconscious mind HATES trying new things. It’s too stressful because it’s already working to keep us alive and our conscious mind basically throws a wrench in the system when it wants to try something new.

The subconscious will do whatever is easiest in order to make it’s job easier, and that means falling back on old habits, no matter how destructive they are. When we work together, we start with the subconscious and then find ways to get the conscious mind to jump on board.

Myth: If you don’t understand it, it’s not for you.  

I recently had a conversation with a friend who thought if she came to see me that I would be brainwashing her because our fundamental belief systems are very different. What she came to understand is that everything that happens in her session is what she, and her higher power, wants. It’s not about what I or anyone else wants for her.

Your superconscious won’t let you do anything that’s not right for you. Whether you understand it or not, Balancing helps anyone who is open and curious and willing to take charge of their own healing.

People don’t need to know exactly how electricity is generated, stored, and channeled to be used on demand in order to benefit from it. Balancing works the same way in that you don’t have to understand it in order to benefit from it. 

Myth: There can’t really be a balance for everything. 

I’m happy to report there is!

A Balance helps you to create a state of peace and non-attachment to trauma or other life experiences, and helps you overwrite your limiting beliefs with supporting beliefs. A balance can help you stay organized and help you overcome forgetfulness. Balancing can help you overcome anxiety and sleep disturbances. Balancing can help you figure out why you’re unhappy so you can create a life where you are happy. Balancing can even transform your perspectives about money, marriage, relationships, life, death, health, pain, and everything in between.

Let’s take it to the farthest extreme: can a Balance cure critical illness? While Balancing isn’t intended to “cure” anything, it is an excellent tool to add to your arsenal. 

Balances used in conjunction with other treatments add another layer of support to your emotional or physical healing and pain management, and are very powerful even in the case of terminal illness. Balancing creates a state of peace and non-attachment to outcomes, which improves one’s overall sense of wellbeing. I have personally facilitated many sessions where the intention was to Balance for whatever my client most needed. When working with stress, fear, or trauma, Balancing for a specific statement isn’t necessary in order for the Balance to be effective. Your superconscious knows what you need. Your only job is to trust it. 


So how did I get into this?

I went looking. Despite all the personal development work I’d done, and working professionally as a parent coach, I was stuck. I kept hitting the same limiting beliefs again and again. Not only that, I was blindsided when they showed up. And if I had worked on it so much, then how come I wasn’t any further along than I was? Why did I have to keep going to rock bottom? 

I knew there had to be a way to rewire the subconscious mind. And it had to be easy, fast, something that parents would want for their families. Bonus points if it was going to be able to help me support families with anxiety or behavioral disorders. Extra bonus points if I could work directly with children.

One afternoon, I found the thing. I stumbled on a video about PSYCH-K and watched it and thought, it can’t be. Is this it, can it really be that easy?! I found a training out of state and signed up for all three trainings the instructor was offering before I ever experienced my first Balance.

All of the processes came to me easily, and the philosophy fully aligned with my belief systems. I started offering Balances to my clients right away and they started feeling the effects almost instantly.

After a while, I expanded my services and now work with my clients through anxiety, fear, trauma, money worries and more. And the beauty of the work we do together is that it creates ripple effects throughout their families and communities. My goal of contributing to a more peaceful planet by helping families is coming true in the most powerful of ways! 

It’s been a really beautiful, humbling journey and I’m honored to be invited into these relationships with my clients. 

Still with me? Here’s some super cool stuff I’ve done…

One of my favorite sessions was with a client I had worked with for a few sessions. According to her, she had the worst back-seat driver behavior, EVER.

She had been in a serious accident several years prior and ever since had extreme anxiety, to the point of gasping every time she was the passenger in a vehicle and seeing brake lights in front of her.

We Balanced for the trauma of the accident and then hopped in my car and drove around to be sure it was effective. She told me she immediately noticed a difference but still felt a small amount of anxiety. We did one more Balance and she’s been fine ever since.

The total time spent Balancing was about 15-20 minutes for a condition she suffered with for 15 years! Here’s a selfie she took with her husband at the start of their live living in an RV – she wanted to let me know he was thankful for our work together. 😉 

Workplace stress
In a session with another client, she had been having some trouble with one of her employees.

We did a Relationship Balance between her and her staff and within 15 minutes of our session ending, her problem employee gave her 2-weeks notice!

Since then, her office has been much more collaborative as everyone continues to experience their own growth.

Anxiety & Self Love
A friend called me because her mother was suffering from debilitating anxiety. The first day we met, we did Core Belief Balance. At the end of her session, she gave me one of those hugs where it’s more the gesture of what you think you should do than an actual hug.

The next day I went to see her for a follow up session, where we discovered she needed to Balance for “I love myself.” During her session, we talked about what it would look like if this statement was true. One of the things we discussed is that she would be willing to fully embrace someone else in a hug, and allow them to embrace her.

When her Balance was complete, she hugged me so hard that we both started crying. To remember this session still gives me goosebumps!

The first time I experienced being a client
One of the most humbling experiences I had was at a Health and Wellbeing PSYCH-K workshop I attended.

Most of the workshop was spent working with other attendees to fine tune our facilitation skills, so I had the honor of being a client for the first time, many months after I started incorporating Balances into my work.

Even though I have the tools to do Balances for myself every day, to be engaged with a facilitator was an incredibly powerful experience. She helped me to uncover new limiting beliefs that I hadn’t yet identified, and how those beliefs were contributing to my adrenal fatigue. 

Want to know even more?

What happens during your sessions.

The Basics. When we work together, your sessions are about you. The only thing I ask of my clients is that they’re open and curious about what happens during their sessions, they’re open and curious about the outcome, and that they are hydrated and dressed comfortably. 

Being open and curious serves you in that you can open up the doors to even greater possibilities than you can imagine. This has happened for me and my clients. What I’ve come to recognize is that when a client comes to me attached to an outcome, or with the expectation it needs to go a certain way, those are the sessions that aren’t effective. For those that feel the need to control and/or understand every part of the process, this is detrimental because the subconscious shuts down communication with the muscle test. 

Being hydrated is important to the processes. During a Balance, you’re creating a “whole-brained” state around your beliefs and current circumstances. You’re modifying your DNA at the genetic level by turning the gene receptors for certain functions on and off, and since this is energy moving within your body, it is dehydrating. 

Dressing comfortably is important because I want you to feel as at home during your session as possible. My clients curl up in their seat, put their feet up, take up space, and do whatever they most need during their sessions. A few Balances call for you to lie on my massage table. I promise, nothing funny happens. The massage table is a tool to help you feel more relaxed during the Balances, or assist with visualizations. 

What to expect during your session. Nothing. Have zero expectations except that we will identify the most important beliefs or circumstances for you to Balance. Whatever you most need is what will happen. Kind of like when you’re working with a skilled massage therapist; their hands know where to go by feeling the energy of your body. I work the same way through our discussion. My body usually gives me a very visceral response to your most pressing needs as I ask questions and proceed through the Muscle Testing protocol. 

What happens after your session. Because our work together is sometimes very emotionally draining, and because you are rewiring your DNA, it’s not unusual for my clients to feel very sleepy during and after their first session. They’ll oftentimes tell me it took a day or two to feel back to normal but that the shifts they experience in the days following have been substantial. Regular clients get used to the work and find that they have more energy and I delight in watching the spring in their step as they leave their sessions. 🙂  

One of the most important things my clients do after their session is take action on what happened during our session. We discuss what they can do consciously to anchor their new beliefs. I love hearing from them on the actions they’ve taken and how good they feel following our work together. It literally gives me goosebumps! 















Using a Muscle Test to determine beliefs and establish protocol for conducting the Balance.

Session space for in-person appointments in the Kansas City Metro area.
 Online sessions are also available. 

Just a little more…

In case it’s helpful, here’s my fancy bio.

 I am a personal discovery guide, perception shifter and owner of There’s a Balance for That. I believe our thoughts determine our experiences. Through an innovative “whole-brained” approach, I support my clients as they discover a deeper understanding of the beliefs that influence their current reality and overall sense of well-being. Together, we work to Balance those beliefs so they can start creating the life they’ve always wanted. 

I find that limiting beliefs can undermine our efforts to create lasting change, maintain healthy relationships, manage ongoing life challenges or achieve long-term goals. Left unchecked, these beliefs can manifest as physiological issues, like debilitating pain, allergies or sleep problems, or as psychological issues, like anxiety, anger or stress.

I’m committed to offer a nurturing, confidential and inviting space that energizes and empowers my clients. I’m deeply motivated and humbled by the astonishing transformations I witness individuals of all ages experience as they begin synchronizing their beliefs with their goals.

Passionate about personal development, I am focused on helping people live with integrity and honor their true path. I am a certified parent coach and a PSYCH-K facilitator. PSYCH-K is a non-invasive, interactive process that simply and rapidly transforms self-limiting and self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs. To become a PSYCH-K facilitator, I completed Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Health and Wellbeing program trainings. 

My participation in Breakthrough 1, 2 and 3 through HeartConnexion Seminars (HCS) and in Purpose Vision Living, inspired my career in personal development. I previously sold real estate and absolutely hated it! Before that, I studied and then worked in marketing, advertising and research and was a terrible marketer. After so many years of doing work that just wasn’t the right fit for me, and feeling stuck, I am forever grateful to have finally found a calling in work that is as fulfilling as it is purposeful.  I currently volunteer with HCS and actively participate in ongoing self-development work and professional trainings through this organization and others in order to continue to bring my best self to my family and clients. 

When I’m not guiding clients toward greater personal fulfillment, I enjoy globetrotting with my husband, cooking, mining for crystals in area Kansas City shops, and conversation and cocktails with friends. I’m also the proud and humbled mother to my two daughters, who have taught me about my enormous capacity to love—and that miracles can happen. 

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