With so many options for healing available, how do you know which is best? While there isn’t any single “best” tool for anyone, Balancing is the most dynamic tool I’m aware of to allow you to shift your beliefs.

In my experience, most other modalities don’t deal directly with shifting the beliefs that are supporting the circumstances that people want to shift.

For example, if someone is constantly struggling with saving money, and they have an underlying belief that money is hard to keep in the bank, then that belief is going to be very difficult to overcome because their behavior is creating ways to support that belief. But if they shift the limiting belief to “Money is easy to save,” their Conscious mind now has the support it needs from the Subconscious in order to make different choices.

Counseling is one modality that’s very helpful in determining what the problem is, when it started, how it shows up in someone’s life, and provides tools for making different choices. While this is all helpful, it doesn’t support someone in shifting their beliefs at the Subconscious level so they are better able to make different choices. Counseling is a very Conscious-based approach, which has major limitations when it comes to rewiring the Subconscious. The Subconscious dictates what the Conscious does, and hates it when the Conscious mind tries to do something new.

Meditation is a modality that can shift Subconscious behavior. It’s wildly beneficial and has calming effects, but unless it’s done very intentionally and practiced regularly for a significant period of time, it’s not able to shift beliefs quickly the way a Balance can. While meditation can absolutely shift the genetic wiring of a person so they benefit from the physiological effects of their practice, they’re not necessarily changing their beliefs in each session.

Another modality that is quite effective is tapping. Tapping (EFT) is a pattern interruptor and is fantastic, especially when combined with meditation. I love tapping because it allows you to acknowledge your limiting beliefs and create a stronger sense of emotional health based on giving yourself grace despite those limiting beliefs. Where it differs from Balances is that it deals more with emotional feelings than with beliefs.

There are many types of energy work, such as Reiki, that are supportive to shifting energy, but that’s all they do. They shift and release energy that might be creating negative circumstances, and when those energies are released, the person usually notices a difference in their behavior or how they feel. Energy work falls short because it oftentimes doesn’t allow the individual a chance to reprogram their beliefs and so that energy is likely to return.

What I love about Balancing is that it works directly with the subconscious and different levels of brain wave activity. Not only that, when shifting a limiting belief, you’re not only shifting the limiting belief you’re balancing at that time, but other limiting beliefs are being reprogramed at the same time. The ratio isn’t one-to-one, it’s one-to-many.

Furthermore, you don’t have to have a specific goal in order to create a shift. You can set the intention to Balance for whatever you most need, so your Superconscious can decide for you what you most need and you’ll still get the benefit of Balancing. If you don’t trust your Superconscious knows what it’s doing, There’s a Balance for That. 😉

Our minds and higher selves, or superconscious, know so much more about us than our conscious minds will ever understand.

While Balancing does create more access to your entire brain in your daily activity, you don’t have to know the exact details of what’s happening in order to benefit from your Balances. This is a major shortfall of other healing modalities. The trust is put into the hands of the practitioner, or we’re limited by the capacity of our Conscious mind to create change.

Since I started Balancing and experiencing the results of it, nearly everything in my life has changed from an energetic, spiritual and physical level. Used in conjunction with medical treatments, other energy work or counseling, Balancing will help you experience exponential shifts in your growth.

Until next time,

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