You’re moving about your life and everything looks and feels good, but you have this lingering question of “Is this all there is?”. You may find yourself wondering, if everything is going well, why don’t I feel as good as I think I should? Will I still be here doing the same thing in another 20, 30, or 40 years?

So, how did you end up here. You see, that used to be me. I came to this realization in my early 30s after talking with my mentor. He asked me a very simple yet powerful question, “Why?” Why do you want to have the success that you are seeking? Why do you want to meet that higher income goal? 

Like many of us, I thought it’s all about making money and buying all these material things. That’s when we can sit back and say that we’ve “made it”, right? I’m here to tell you that this is far from the truth! That’s just not how it works. 

As you get older, you start to realize the material things cannot bring you happiness. Sure, buying a new outfit can be exciting! However, how long does that excitement last before you are searching for something new?

One of the major things that leaves you with this feeling of under fulfillment stems from when you’re not completely invested in what you are doing. If you’re not in complete alignment with what you want to be doing then you will find yourself questioning “Is this all there is?”

It’s Monday morning, do you find yourself jumping out of bed eager to start the work day or dreading it? Do you find yourself asking, “why do I still do this everyday”? This is a really good indicator that there is a lack of alignment present. 

You can have a great job, the perfect car, and all the money you want, but still be left wondering “Why is my life not any better than this?”. Many of us are guilty of thinking that if we had this or that then things would be better; however, the reality is that this is an internal issue. It has nothing to do with what is going on externally. Media tells us what’s missing – We need to lose weight, we need to buy this type of makeup, we need to go on vacation here. Media tells us all these things “we need ” like it’s going to solve all of our problems. While this may help with efficiency and higher quality of life, it’s simply not true. You don’t need these things to achieve internal peace. You can have little to nothing and feel more fulfilled than someone who has everything. 

Internal issues are related to a lack of being connected with that part of yourself that is the highest, best version of yourself. Good news is we know that person is somewhere inside of us. 

Ask yourself this, what makes you feel good on the inside? This is never anything external. This becomes easier as you really get to know yourself more and find out what you are looking for. Knowing yourself and liking what’s there makes you feel good on the inside. 

So, I raise the question again. Do you wake up excited to do your work because you know you’re working at your highest potential? Are you connected with your family as in fulfilling relationships? More importantly, are you honest with yourself? 

These things come when you know who you are and can stand firm in your values. Even when it’s difficult you are able to speak the truth and set boundaries when needed. You can recognize material things aren’t what makes you happy. Knowing your purpose, knowing your why makes a life worth living. Once you know yourself and no longer feel the need to prove yourself to anyone, then you will be happier. 

When you act like you have nothing to lose, you’ll become a lot less attached to anything. You will learn to love yourself. We need to raise children to love themself not hate themself. We need more peace on Earth. 

When I was weighing out our options for our children’s education this year, it felt like we didn’t have much of a choice.  When we just have one option, we don’t really feel free. It dawned on me, am I really showing my kids that their life is free when this is the only choice we have? When I came to this realization, my why became a lot more personal. 

First step is finding that internal “happy place” is to stop having to prove yourself. You’ll stop asking yourself how much longer you have to do this. I’m no longer dreading the future because I know I get to create it instead of living by someone else’s future and that brings me fulfillment!

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