When in session with my clients, they’ll tell me they know something is true, but when we muscle test it, it turns out that belief is false for them.

Muscle testing is an amazing tool for interpreting what our actual beliefs are. Many people are familiar with muscle testing after working with a chiropractor or other practitioner to determine their body’s response to foods or chemicals. When used for determining beliefs, muscle testing works differently because we’re communicating with the subconscious and superconscious.

The beauty of using muscle testing when we are working to figure out what our supporting and limiting beliefs are is that we can figure out, beyond the conscious level, what is true and false for us.

We might think that we believe something about ourselves or a situation consciously, but when the subconscious doesn’t have that information stored in it’s database, it won’t agree with the conscious mind. And that’s where things start to fall apart when it comes to goal setting, inner peace, conflict resolution, health, or anything else.

Tune in to the video to learn more about how muscle testing is able to determine what our true beliefs are, and how we can communicate with the superconscious to shift the beliefs that don’t support us.

If you have additional questions about how muscle testing works and how Balancing can create the change you’ve always wanted, check out my FAQs.

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