Money affects many things. It affects your relationship, your day to day choices, your lifestyle, etc. This isn’t new information to us. But, have you ever stopped to wonder how your relationship affects your finances? How your mindset affects your finances?

In early September, I kicked off my eight week Money Mindset Reset program. We are 6 weeks in and it is going amazing! I also had a bonus offer included for a 1-1 session with me where I set the intention to find out some of the hurdles you are facing. Some of the things that I thought would be really valuable for us to work through are things like when you feel as if you are often letting yourself down, when you don’t finish what you start, and more.We will uncover what your biggest fears are around money.  

One of my participants was having trouble with finishing what she started and as a result she often felt like she was letting herself down. She had been working on this for about two years before our call. We started working through and releasing the stress that she was feeling in relation to this feeling. She was talking about how she tends to sacrifice her needs and not finish what she starts. We uncovered that she had been doing this for her family. We worked through questions like, “What is the story you’re telling yourself on why you can’t finish?”. Her mindset was family comes first. We figured out that more than 50% of the time she would let go of the things she wanted to do because she was making a sacrifice to focus and serve her family. 

You may be asking, what is wrong with putting my family first? Great question! While your family is a top priority, so is yourself. You cannot serve your family to the fullest if you are not 100% fulfilled yourself. When you are continuously feeling disappointed in yourself that will reflect in your relationship with your family. This individual was feeling let down because she had not set the boundaries that she intended. She struggled leaving those boundaries in tack. For two years, she has been telling herself that it’s ok for her to consider her needs first,  but she hasn’t been enforcing it. 

This doesn’t mean that you always need to put yourself in front of everyone else. When a situation arises and you are caught in between doing something for yourself and thinking that you are needed somewhere else, ask yourself this question, “Is it ok to consider my needs right now?”. Now, of course, if your child really needs you then, absolutely, go tend to your child. However, if it’s something they can navigate on their own, then why get involved. 

One of my other clients was faced with more of a relationship struggle than an individual one. She is in a relationship with someone who is not able to receive. This could mean not being able to receive affection, attention, connection, gifts, or all of the above. This is a real mindset struggle for some. If you don’t feel worthy of receiving, how can you go out and make yourself valuable to someone? But, can you really put a price on something that is what it’s worth if you’re not worthy of receiving anything?

These are the types of things that we are working through in the Money Mindset Reset program. We are investigating, unpacking, and clearing the limitations behind these mindset blocks. We are getting rid of stressors around money that are holding you back.

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