Money 3002

Money. Nearly everyone wants more of it. Money is a fascinating thing. It's really just an energy exchange, yet so many people get caught up with amounts of money. Money in and of itself is really pretty meaningless. It's what we can - or can't - do with it that gives it power.

With this package, you'll learn to identify your belief systems around money. Do you tell yourself money doesn't grow on trees? Do you believe money is at the root of all evil? What are the beliefs you have about wealthy people? Are you judgmental about how someone chooses to spend their wealth? These beliefs all have an influence on our relationship with money.

During our time together, we'll identify the exact beliefs you want to have about money, such as "I think positively about money and wealth," "Lack ceases to exist," "I attract money naturally,"
and more.

We'll dig deep into the ways you sabotage your chances of creating and keeping more money in your life, and Balance for the beliefs that continue to sabotage you.

*Please note this package will allow you to change your money story so you have the potential to create more income or wealth but is not a guarantee of creating more income or wealth in a specific amount of time. How you choose to create and interact with money following the completion of this package is up to you, is dependent on your unique life circumstances and skill sets, additional belief systems you have regarding your potential and self worth, and is specific to each individual.

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