I’m often asked, “What do you do to me?” when someone learns that I help them reprogram their subconscious mind. The truth is, I don’t “do” anything to you!

When we work together, I’ll ask you what you’d like to work on. Usually clients will come to me wanting to work on time management, diet and exercise, relationship troubles, or something else — the options are truly limitless!

During that conversation, I’m listening to what you’re struggling with and I use my intuition to determine the best questions to ask so you can create more peace around the issue(s) you’re facing.

One of my favorite things about working with my clients is the beliefs we Balance for in their session are almost never the reason they came to see me. And this is why the sessions I have with my clients are so powerful. We’re able to get to root causes of issues they may have been dealing with for years, and the reason they come to see me is usually just a symptom of the real issue, or limiting beliefs. Then, they start to resolve their issues within just a matter of minutes.

For example, I recently had the honor of being in a session with a peer, wanting to work on adrenal fatigue issues I’d been experiencing. When she asked me what I wanted, I told her I wanted more rest. When she asked me how long I’d been feeling fatigued, I told her I couldn’t ever remember a time when I felt rested.

This line of questioning made me think about my childhood, and how, as an oldest child to young parents, my parents really had no choice but to put a lot of pressure on me.

I have known, consciously, for several years, that my parents did the best they could. During my session, I realized that subconsciously I didn’t believe it, and those subconscious beliefs were at least partially responsible for my inability to really rest. I’m happy to report that since I had that experience, I’ve not only been able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and fall asleep quickly, but I’ve also given up most of my naps!

Tune into the video to learn more about how a session unfolds, why a session wouldn’t be effective, and the number one piece of advice I offer to everyone who comes to see me.

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With gratitude,

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