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Schedule your 20-minute Q&A to see what we can do to help you on your way to happy! If I can’t help you, I’ll point you in the right direction.

How we work together

Schedule Your Free 
20-minute Q&A Call

This call helps us determine if I can help you. If not, I'll point you in the right direction.

If I feel that we can work well together, I'll invite you for a Free 2-Hour Session. 

Schedule Your Free
2-Hour Session

That's right. It's totally free to work with me for your first session.

When we work together,
I want you All-In!

This session is an interview for both of us. I hold nothing back during this session. This might be all you need, or you might hate my approach. Or, you might not be a good fit for me. During this session, we're figuring all that out.

Start your
Custom Program

If we decide to work together after your Free 2-Hour Session, I'll design a custom program based on your needs.

But before we ever get started on your Custom Program, we'll have one more free session to get everything out of the way that would hold us back from getting you the best results possible.
By this time, we'll have spent 3-4 hours together so you have full confidence in the work we're doing. 

Custom Program Details

I want you to have long-lasting change.

Our work together isn’t a band-aid. It’s a deep systematic approach to permanently change what’s not working in your life.
Ongoing sessions allow you to build momentum so you can gain the traction you need to keep moving forward. 

Your custom program will depend on your needs, but here’s what you can expect if we decide to work together: 

Minimum of 6 visits up to 6 months

I want you to experience change and build on it so you move beyond your past and feel better in your life, work and relationships. A single session is helpful but this approach creates lasting change. 

Clear intentions for our work together

If you’re like me, when you understand just how much can change during our work together, you’ll want to work on all the things. When we set clear intentions, we won’t get distracted from our goals.  While I love repeat clients, I also love it when my clients no longer need me. It means I’m doing my job well. 

Sessions aren’t timed

 If we get to something really deep at 55 minutes into your session, we won’t stop because “time’s up.” We’ll keep going until you feel complete. Since we’re literally changing the brain, we can’t guess how long a single session is going to take, though we’re usually done in 60-75 minutes. 

Text support between sessions

If you have an experience between your sessions that you’re having a hard time managing, I want you to contact me so we can keep up with your momentum. I’d hate you to have to spend another whole session working through something that we could have addressed via text in 10 minutes at the time it was bothering you. 

Schedule your Free Q&A Call Now!

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