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Schedule a Free Consult to see what we can do to help you get to the next level! If I can’t help you, I’ll point you in the right direction.

How we work together

 1-Hour Consult

During this free consult, I'm figuring out if I can help you. 

I expect you to be open about where you're stuck and how dedicated you are to getting out of your own way.


Choose your Program

If it feels good to work together, we'll discuss which of my programs makes the most sense for you to start with. I won't ever sell you more than you need.

This is very exciting! Since no two people are the same, it just doesn't make sense that you'd fit in a cookie cutter program.

Start Your
Custom Program

All you have to do is trust the process and you'll start experiencing your life very differently almost right away. 

I can't wait for you to get started! 


Custom Program Details

This isn’t a band-aid. It’s a deep systematic approach to
permanently change what’s not working for you.

Here’s what you can expect: Whether we start with an Intensive or a program spanning 4 months, we’ll identify exactly what’s keeping you stuck and overwrite it at the subconscious level, every time we meet. 

Then, you’ll take action as if those blocks were never there.
My longer program gives you time to integrate the new changes and identify what’s still in your way – and we overwrite those limitations too.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have more of your subconscious working for you than against you and I guarantee your life will feel very different.  

What you need most

Whether you prefer your transformation to be fast and intense or longer to allow for integration, you get to decide what will work best for you. 

Clear intentions for our work together

If you’re like me, when you understand just how much can change, you’ll want to work on all the things. We set clear intentions so you won’t get distracted from your goals.  

Sessions aren’t timed

We won’t stop because “time’s up.” We’ll keep going each session until you feel complete, with the intention that we finish in the time we agree upon.  

Text support between sessions

I’d hate you to have to spend your next session working through something that we could have addressed via text in 10 minutes.

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